Condom Blocks. Playboy Edition

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Dec 25 2014 07:26:07 - Aramis
My approach is smiple- if you see it on my vids then i recommend it. If you see me using it then it is becuase I feel it is of quality. I dont want to have 500 BS vids. Anyone can say something bad over the internet. i would rather have 500 positive vids and let people take the hint on the brands and products that do not make the cut.If I get something bad for a review then I send it back or dont do the review. That is me. I try to take the high road.

Aug 12 2014 20:13:38 - Cannon Jordan
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Jun 06 2013 23:44:54 - mindi jo
this game is hot

Jun 06 2013 23:44:40 - mindi jo
this game is hot

Jan 25 2013 11:56:07 - Nandhini
I can already tell that's gonna be super hlefpul.

Jan 23 2013 09:05:29 - Corbin
Good job maikng it appear easy.

Aug 10 2012 03:54:35 - Papcidio
A sipmle and intelligent point, well made. Thanks!

Feb 09 2011 19:48:44 - Kashif
Very nice

Nov 10 2010 17:58:30 - LeonMello
Very good your site.

Nov 08 2010 07:10:30 - nmathan
i like u more games

May 17 2010 03:11:06 - gary
i kinda like da game:)

Feb 01 2010 15:50:34 - ME

Mar 07 2009 20:12:32 - edgar
que bonita estas como quisiera pasar mi mano en donde esta la tuya

Feb 24 2009 21:48:08 - larry
hot game wow

Feb 19 2009 21:48:36 - KARL

Feb 12 2009 08:07:07 - gintaras
you ar sexy

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